Integrating EMs into primary care initiative and cross sector collaboration should be two major focuses while addressing social determinants of health (SDH) to achieve health equity.

On 14 September 2018, Health In Action (HIA) hosted a platform for different parties to exchange ideas in the fight for health equity in Hong Kong. It was called “Health Symposium 2018 – Health Equity: Social Inclusion for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong”. With the vision to raise public awareness on the underlyingSDH affecting one’s health and the service gaps experienced by the ethnic minorities, around 100 participants from multiple disciplines attended, including academic authorities, service workers and health care professionals. There were speeches on health and rights of EM by guest speakers from multiple backgrounds, as well as booth exhibitions by collaborating parties to demonstrate medical-social collaboration is indispensable for constructing a socially inclusive and vibrant community with the valuable frontline experience and research studies.

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Health In Action_Summary for Health Symposium 2018